We provide a range of services and expertise.

At Plenary Projects we are highly skilled, experienced and motivated.  We have found that we are able to use our skill set to maximise the quality of our product offering which we have refined to Consultancy, Management, Operations and Digital.

By focusing on these four core services we have been able to ensure we are customer focused.  This means we work regularly with most of our clients and often see the size of the projects we are tasked to work on increase in size each time.

Some of Our Clients


Our Consultancy Services has seen us work in a variety of locations and markets, assisting in some of the most challenging projects.
We take huge pride in the projects we work on and the companies we assist. Our experience means that we are not phased by any projects no matter the industry or client.


Our extensive experience in the energy markets we have worked on a wide range of projects with a variety external contractors and inhouse teams.
We have worked with a variety of timeframes, some that were extremely testing due to how time sensitive the project was.


Many of our clients are looking for expertise in sourcing Talent and Equipment to use on projects they are working on. This is generally when we will be approached and tasked with ensuring timeframes are hit.
A by product of our work in this capacity can often lead to budget savings on the project.


Our sister company FNVI is a technology business offering a Project Management tool that can revolutionise a business. This isn’t restricted to either On-Shore Projects or Off-Shore Projects, likewise this is not an industry specific tool. This is a piece of Software that is multi-purpose and highly recommended.

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