We are committed to our values.

At Plenary Projects we are committed to cultivating our core principles of Honesty and Integrity. Everyone of our team members, whether they are employees or external contractors are expected to treat each other with maximum respect. We instil into all of our team the importance of honesty and expectation management. We will not cut corners or make false promises in order to win favour with an individual, client or prospect.

Core Hiring Principles

We want to work with individuals who have positive attitudes, are creative and want to develop as humans.  We want individuals who realise its important to work in a team and respect ones co-workers.  We are very much focused on the development of relationships within a team and selecting a positive individual is essential when we are going through the recruitment process.

Our Core Values

We have a range of core values that are essential for us, including those listed:

  • People Over Profits

  • Constantly Strive for Quality

  • Stay 3 Steps Ahead

  • Be Human, Be Honest

  • Work Smart

  • Always Be Available

  • Work With You

  • Be The Best

  • Transparent Financials

  • Always an Honest Answer

We’re Here To Help Your Business

Through Creativity, Integrity & Innovation