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We are a company with a Head Office base in the North East of England and incorporated in 2007. We supply expertise in supporting the management of complex Construction Projects and Operations including Inspection, Testing, Commissioning and Operations.

The company operates in all major industries, namely any project in any industry that has a high degree of complexity and is of a medium to long term duration. We work closely with FNVi Ltd utilising their Digital Workflow and Project Management Data services being provided as SaaS.
The company’s system disrupts and changes how projects are managed , vastly improving data control and increasing productivity. Historically the major problem was the difficulty in managing the enormous amount of data produced by complex projects. The only systems managing that big-data were limited to outdated legacy software applications that are both inefficient and expensive in time and labour intensity.

The majority of our current operations are undertaken in the Middle East where we are also keen to expand.

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We have developed a team full of skill and expertise who are passionate about what we do.

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We have worked in a range of industries and on various project types, both on and off shore.

This has positioned us as being at the head of the market in terms of the experience we can bring to any project.

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We pride ourselves on our reputation.  We do not overpromise to win a contract.

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